Agarwood Zen Dragon Incense Burner

Looking for a unique and elegant incense burner to enhance your home decor and aromatherapy? Check out our Shenlong Tail Dual-Purpose Incense Burner! Featuring a dragon’s tail design, this ceramic burner can hold both cone and stick incense.

The incense smoke flows gracefully, creating a relaxing atmosphere perfect for meditation, yoga, spa, or any occasion. Makes a great gift for dragon and incense lovers. Measures 15*18cm and comes in sturdy packaging. Order now and experience the magic!


Are you looking for a unique and elegant incense burner to enhance your home decor and aromatherapy? If so, you’ll love our **Shenlong Tail Dual-Purpose Incense Burner**!

This ceramic incense burner features a beautiful design of a dragon’s tail that can hold both cone and stick incense. The hollow wooden base adds a touch of natural charm and stability to the burner. The incense smoke flows gracefully from the dragon’s tail, creating a relaxing and mystical atmosphere.

Our Shenlong Tail Dual-Purpose Incense Burner is perfect for meditation, yoga, spa, or any occasion where you want to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. It also makes a great gift for your friends and family who love dragons and incense.

The incense burner measures 15*18cm and comes in a sturdy carton packaging to ensure safe delivery. Order yours today and experience the magic of our Shenlong Tail Dual-Purpose Incense Burner!



1 kg


170 × 170 × 200 cm


Hollow wooden base , Wooden base

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